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Magic Kinder


The Magic Kinder - Free Kids Games, Bedtime Stories, Fun Videos & Other Surprises has been created for families with children taking into account the wishes and needs of parents around the world. It is a safe space for children by giving you, the parent, total control in the usage of the app through special settings that only you can access. You can add and personalise avatars, set time limits and decide how much your child can download.
Magic Kinder contains exclusive content from games, stories, videos and various activities such as quizzes and colouring. All geared towards being educative and entertaining so that your children can interact whilst learning.
The application does not show reference to the Kinder products or the egg and your children will never see advertisements! The physical toy surprises are the only reference to the product. No chocolate is shown!
The app includes the following content:
SURPRISERYThe Kinder Surprises toys can now be collected digitally in two different ways: 1. Scan the QR code found in the product.2. Through the ‘surprise of the day’, a random Kinder Surprise toy is unlocked.
PLAY & LEARNThis playzone is dedicated to fun games for 3-10 years old kids whilst improving children’s educational and cognitive development through touching on various skills such as: perception, attention, visual and special processing and problem solving. If you're looking for educational games for girls, fun games for 4 years old boys or learning games for 5 years old kids, you are on the right place!
The games are:- Crazy Friends (in selected countries)- A splash of colours game- Save the Bubbles game- Cars and motorbikes arcade game- Children’s Day game
WATCH VIDEOSDo you like nursery rhymes, abc songs and other entertaining and educational videos? Our videos are centre around the Kinder Joy toy surprises but mostly educational by developing motor skills, language, social and attention.- Secret life of surprises- Magic Kinder Show (learn finger tricks)- The Protectors of the Planet (the animal robots are here to teach young children how to look after our planet and tackle subjects such as sea pollution, recycling, deforestation and glaciers melting)- Sing & Dance (Sing and move to the sound of music whilst learning English)- Farm Friends- Natoons documentaries (discover a world of animals)- Mixart (arts and crafts tutorials) - Youmitik - SprintyDepending on countries and date, Magic Kinder also includes games and activities from some of the most recognisable characters: Disney (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and others), Marvel, Transformers, Masha & the bear, Oddbods, Ice Age, and more.
STORIESMagic Kinder contains a selection of fun interactive stories and bedtime stories. The content is very educative as it revolves around themes and subjects that even parents cannot explain at times.- Crazy Friends and the missing golden egg- Why do oysters make pearls?- Why do we need to sleep?- Why do colours exist?- Why are some animals vegetarian?
DISCOVER THE PLANETThrough a collection of quizzes, facts and curiosities your child can learn about our planet and its wonders, explore nature and the animal world.
DRAW & PAINTThis functionality enables children to develop their creative skills. Kids will learn how mixing colours can create new colours whilst drawing and colouring.
OCCASIONAL EVENTSIt’s important preschool and older kids recognise important world and cultural events so Magic Kinder also includes cool activities for children themed around events such as: Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year, Halloween, Diwali, Children’s Day, Ramadam and more.
PARENT SECTIONA pin-protected zone is available for parents to manage the account, personalise and set time limits.
If you wish to contact us, please do so through contact@magic-kinder.comIf you have any questions regarding the privacy policy please write to